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American Muscle

April 4, 2009

I meant to blog about this last week but my commitment level has been low.  Last weekend we went to a car show here on the island with some folks.  It was no Rims on the River, but it didn’t disappoint.  My good friend Drew and I always try to pick our top 3 whenever we go.   I’m not going to bore you with all my picks but in case you wanted to know, this is my dream car.

The 67 Chevelle Super Sport.  Something about 1967, Chevrolet was doing everything right that year.  This guy did a good job with his, I really liked the color.  Do you think our kids will grow up and go to car shows to see a sweet 98 Lumina?


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  1. I’m gonna go with no our kids will not go to see a 98 lumina but they will probably be all about checking out a 93 Accord.

  2. Jeff Smith permalink

    No no no… The ’03 Saturn Vue will the high demand muscle car of the future. All I have to do is hold on to mine for another 70 or so years, and I AM SET! Remember everybody… Do not covet.

  3. gearguy permalink

    2000 Camry is where it’s at. Hear that 4-banger purrrrr!?$%&

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