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Tie One On

December 18, 2010

So I made a neck tie.  I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and haven’t exactly “needed” to since my job is a casual dress environment.  But with the cooler weather I’ve welcomed the opportunity to fancy up a bit.  Jen got me a really sweet vintage skinny tie while in Brooklyn last month, and it inspired me to try my hand at sewing more than just buttons and the occasional repair.  I rifled through all her scrap fabrics until I found some manly wool suiting material, searched online for some direction, ruined a perfectly good tie (not the vintage one) to make a modified pattern and 9 hours later I had a custom handmade tie.  It took longer to make the pattern than the actual tie.  So my second effort, which is this one, only took 3 hours, and I’m kind of stoked on it.   Also, now I know why nice ties are so expensive.  If you find a cheap one, don’t buy it — it’s made by slaves.  Now that I’ve forayed into the realm of sewing, apparently nothing’s off limits.


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  1. wow! You built a garage and then a tie all in the same… Umm…24 month time frame! Good bye life in trim! Hello industrious diversion!

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